Please carefully read our Cancellation, General Booking, Payment and other Terms & Conditions which apply to all bookings with The Dive Academy.

1. Deposits and Payments

1.1 A 20% deposit is required to secure any booking.

1.2 Once the booking is confirmed by receipt of a deposit, the deposit is non-refundable in the event of any cancellation caused by the customer including:

when a customer is unwell and unable to attend the course or activity booked;
where a customer arrives on the morning of a course or program and is subsequently prevented from taking part due to a “Yes” answer on the medical form with no approval from a doctor;
a customer not being able to continue a course due to the fact they are unable to meet any of the course requirements including being able to swim 200 meters or float or swim for 10 minutes;
a customer missing the boat departure by being late;

1.3 The remaining balance of any dive tour, course or experience is on the firsts day of your trip or course.

2. Cancellation Policy

2.1 The Company will refund all monies paid by the customer where the Company itself cancels a trip or course for any reason, except for the cost of any PADI materials provided to the customer. The PADI materials may be retained by the customer for future use. In the case of a refund, bank transfer fees will be deducted from the refund.

2.2 Discover Scuba Diving – if the program participant cancels on the day of the trip or for whatever reason does not participate in the program full payment for the program is required.

2.3 Scuba Diver course – students who cancel during day 1 will be charged 60% of course costs. Full payment will be required if notice of cancellation is given after 5pm on Day 1.

2.4 Open Water course – students who cancel during day 1 will be charged 50% of course costs. Any cancellation during day 2 will be charged 80% and any cancellations after 5pm on day 2 will be liable for full payment.

2.5 Continuing education courses – students who cancel during day 1 will be liable for 70% of course costs and full payment will be required for cancellation any time after day 1.

2.6 Dive Tours – certified divers who cancel on the morning of a tour for whatever reason are liable for the full payment of the tour booked and the deposit is not transferable to another day.

2.7 The outstanding balance for all courses or Tours booked must be paid in full to the Company before the time the trip or course is due to commence. The outstanding amount will also be non-refundable where a cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the time the trip is due to depart, or the customer is a no-show on the day.

3. Definitions

The Dive Academy shall be construed to comprise “the Company”, as well as all their affiliates, officers, agents, employees, workers, directors and representatives.

4. General Booking

4.1 All customers must show proof of diving certification from either PADI, SSI, CMAS, or equivalent certifying organizations if taking part in any non-entry level diving activity.

4.2 All customers must complete and sign the relevant Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Form before commencing in-water activities.

4.3 The Company is not permitted to dispense any medical advice. If you are unsure of a medical matter related to diving or otherwise, please seek advice from a certified Medical Practitioner before engaging in scuba diving or similar activities.

4.4 Upon signing up for any diving course, irrespective of previous experience or training, the Company requires each student to complete a Medical Questionnaire.

4.5 The maximum depth permitted on all Company vessels is 30 metres for Open Water Divers with the Deep Adventure Dive certification, Advanced Divers, Rescue Divers, Divemasters and Instructors. Open Water Divers without any additional Deep training will not be permitted to dive deeper than 18 metres. If a diver has received prior Deep Dive training then the absolute maximum depth permitted is 40m.

4.6 The Company reserves the right to modify and/or cancel diving arrangements for the reasons listed, but not limited to, those below:

4.6.1 the number of customers scheduled for the trip;

4.6.2 weather conditions making the trip to the scheduled destination not possible;

4.6.3 other ensuing technical difficulties.

4.7 Customers or students who fail to participate in any dives on a dive tour or any course training dives, for whatever reason, shall not be reimbursed by the Company for any unused or uncompleted portion(s) of the tour or course.

4.8 The Customer agrees to study independently and to complete the specific learning requirements for the course as outlined in emails from the Company and as shown on the Company website. This includes completing all course study objectives using PADI Digital, e-Learning or Touch products in advance of arriving to begin the course as agreed. If the Customer arrives to begin the course but has failed to complete assigned work ,or if the Customer fails to arrive on time, it may be necessary to make up the work and continue the course at a later time. The student will be responsible for any additional costs and/or inconvenience this causes.

4.9 Safety is the number one priority at The Dive Academy and if our Instructors believe that a student is not sufficiently competent to dive safely at the level they are trying to achieve after they have finished the course and after we have exhausted all efforts to make them a safe and competent diver, the student WILL NOT be certified or may receive a lesser certification than the one expected, with less responsibility attached. PAYING FOR THE COURSE DOES NOT GUARANTEE CERTIFICATION.

5. Insurance

5.1 Customers are strongly advised to secure appropriate travel insurance, with a reputable insurance provider, and applicable to the activities they will be undertaking. Such insurance should provide comprehensive coverage of at least the following; Diving, Medical, Travel, Personal Liability and Cancellation provisions. The Company shall not be held responsible for any resultant financial or personal loss or injury where customers choose not to secure such insurance.

5.2 The Company shall not accept any liability for the loss or damage of any luggage or dive equipment whilst on board the boat, nor during the transfer(s) to or from the boat.

6. Price and Payment

6.1 A 3 % fee shall be applicable for all payments via credit card (VISA or Master Card by Omise), and a 5% if it’s via Paypal.

6.2 The number of dives in any package is an estimate based on usual diving circumstances, and not a guarantee. Where circumstances arise, such as, but not limited to; adverse weather conditions, personal illness, technical difficulties, dive site remoteness/inaccessibility or personal choice, and cause a reduction in this estimated number, there will be no partial refund in such circumstances.

7. Customer’s Obligations

7.1 Where the customer is negligent or irresponsible, and causes any damage to, or loss of property and equipment belonging to the Company, the customer shall recompense the Company in full, to the current market value of any loss or damage.

7.2 The customer undertakes to be physically, emotionally and mentally prepared and fit to participate in the activities they have signed up for. Any resultant injury or discomfort borne out of any unfitness shall not provide any ground for complaint or refund.

7.3 Where Customers are physically, mentally or emotionally unfit to dive, demonstrate a distinct lack of respect for or handle/harm marine life, consume alcohol between dives, or fail to abide by general international safe diving standards and practices, The Company, represented by any of its Instructors, may prohibit an individual’s participation on a dive(s)

7.4 When taking part in a PADI course or Program each customer is responsible for obtaining authorization from a doctor in the event that they answer “Yes” to any questions on the Medical Statement that is provided in advance by the company. If the customer arrives on the morning of a course or program and is subsequently unable to continue due to a “Yes” answer on the medical form with no approval from a doctor, any deposit paid will be forfeit and the customer will be liable for any additional costs incurred.

7.5 The customer is responsible for being aware of specific requirements of the course they are undertaking as outlined in the emails from the Company and the information provided on the Company website. If the customer is unable to complete any of the performance requirements that are specifically mentioned in correspondence with the Company, such as the 200 meters swim and 10 minute swim / float, the customer will not be able to continue the course and any deposit paid will be forfeit and the customer will be liable for any additional costs incurred.

8. Discounts on early bookings

8.1 Early bird discounts are only applicable to online bookings made at least 7 days in advance before the day of the trip/course.

8.2  20% of the full price will be charged as a deposit. The amount discounted will be deducted from the amount due.

8.3 20% of the full price will be charged as a deposit. The amount discounted will be deducted from the amount due and taken before your first days diving.

8.4 Private charters are not eligible for early booking discounts.

9. Own Equipment Discount

9.1 A 5% discount will be applicable to customers bringing their own scuba equipment. Must include all required items: Mask, fins, regulators, BCD and wetsuit.

10. Multi-Day Booking Discount

10.1 Must be a certified diver

10.2 Applies to Fun Dives only, does not cover courses / products purchased

10.3 Early bird discount does not apply in addition to multi-day booking discount

10.5 To qualify for a multi-day discount; bookings must be completed online in advance of your first days dive

  • 2 days diving = 13% off your final bill
  • 3 days diving = 14% off your final bill
  • 4 days diving = 15% off your final bill
  • 5 days diving = 16% off your final bill

10.6 All days diving must be added to your shopping cart and checked out as one booking

10.7 20% of the full price will be charged as a deposit. The amount discounted will be deducted from the amount due and taken before your first days diving

11. Governing Law

11.1 This contract shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of Thailand.

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