Sail Rock

#1 Dive Site in Thailand

Sail Rock is our favourite dive site, a huge underwater pinnacle with its tip sticking out of the water.

All the way from 5m to 40m deep, this site offers a spectacular wall dive for beginners and experienced divers alike.

Packed with schools of Chevron barracuda, yellowtail barracuda, great barracuda, big eye trivially, batfish, jacks and queenfish, and fusiliers, its vast marine life also offers you the chance to see whale sharks!

Yellow boxfish, moray eels, boxing shrimps, cleaning shrimps, peacock tail anemone shrimps and saw blade shrimps also live in this year-long abundant site.

Sail Rock is famous for its vertical “Chimney” which provides a fun way to ascend from 16m to 4m, taking advantage of its natural lighting to see smaller fish.

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Dive Point

This coral-crusted pinnacle in the Gulf of Thailand is home to a myriad of reef-dwelling fish like angelfish, butterfly fish and scorpion fish. The currents in the area also attract schools of pelagics including barracuda, tuna, king mackerel and trevally.

Sail Rock is usually dived in a circular fashion, starting at its deepest point and spiralling up towards the surface. On occasion, there can be strong currents around the rock, in which case the local divemasters will guide divers to more sheltered areas.

It’s one of the main locations to spot whale sharks, and advanced divers may be able to explore a series of submerged pinnacles off the main rock, which are home to reef sharks.