VIP Snorkeling

There are many snorkel tours available from Koh Samui but The Dive Academy provide the ultimate, value for money, VIP Snorkeling Tours on one of our purpose built speedboats "Midnight Blue" to both Koh Tao and Angthong Marine Park. If the focus of your trip is to enjoy snorkeling and marine life then Koh Tao is the best destination for you. If you want to travel around some beautiful islands with amazing scenery, do some kayaking and enjoy a spot of snorkeling and just enjoy a day out then our Angthong Marine Park trip is the best option. 


Koh Tao

snorkeling koh taoYour day will begin between 7 - 7:30am (depending where you are staying) when we pick you up from your resort. You will be taken to our dive centre in Bophut and our boat leaves for Koh Tao around 7:45-8am.

As a VIP snorkeler your day will be as exciting as the divers on board, with visits  to the best sites suitable for snorkeling. With one of our PADI Professionals as your snorkel guide and in a group of no more than 6 snorkelers, you will explore the coral reefs and stunning marine life that Koh Tao has to offer. You will visit 2 different spots around snorkel tour koh taoKoh Tao, enjoying those locations that have the best conditions at the time. 

Koh Tao is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes speedboat journey from Samui and is famous for it's clear water and abundance of marine life and is the perfect place for snorkelers.

We take you to one of the beautiful, shallow bays around the island, where you can swim and snorkel in clear calm seas (weather permitting) and see a fantastic variety of
underwater life. If you are lucky you will get to see one of the turtles that helped give Koh Tao it's name - Koh Tao means "Turtle Island". After lunch we take you to another lovely location for more snorkeling and lots of exciting things to see.

Our Koh Tao tour has a maximum of 14 customers on board our 2 engine boat and 20 customers on board our 3 engine boat, which is usually a mix of divers and snorkelers, so you will not be on an over-crowded boat like most of the snorkel tours and you will receive the same high levels of service, safety and fun that The Dive Academy have a reputation for.

We provide each VIP snorkeler with:

A full snorkel briefing about where you will go, what you may see and things to do to snorkel responsibly and help protect the sites you visit;

A lifejacket (if desired);

Mask and snorkel;

Lunch, fruit, soft drinks & water;

Experienced Guide to enhance your safety and fun;

Return transportation to and from your resort;

Please be aware that we do have snorkelers and divers on our trips and we organise our day to give the best possible experience for both groups.



snorkeling angthong marine parkOur Angthong Marine Park trip is the best value for money VIP Tour on Koh Samui. Your day begins between 8 and 8.30am when you are picked up from your resort and our boat leaves for the Marine Park at 9am.

The journey north-west to the Marine Park takes about one hour and once we are there we cruise around the beautiful islands. If you choose you can visit the famous Emerald Lake and you can enjoy kayaking around the islands for a while if you like too. If not you can just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and calm, warm water. After lunch we snorkeling angthong marine parkthen go to the northern part of the marine park where you can enjoy snorkeling around the islands and, conditions permitting, venture into the beautiful caves.

The Marine Park tour has a maximum of 12 guests
accompanied by at least two of our PADI Professionals to guide you with a maximum ratio of 6 guests to one instructor. There are many cheaper trips around where you join with 30-35 other guests but we believe our tour is worth the slightly higher price for the quality service provided and the limited numbers of customers on the boat!

Our VIP Marine Park tour includes the following:
- transfer to/from your resort
- snorkeling equipment
- a lifejacket (if desired)
- lunch, soft drinks and water
- a full snorkel briefing about where you will go, what you may see and things to do to snorkel responsibly and help protect the sites you visit
- experienced Guide to enhance your safety and fun (Please note as this is an in-water activity, it is expected that you have a sufficient comfort level in water where you cannot stand and children under the age of 10 are expected to be accompanied by an adult).
- maximum 6 snorkelers per Guide
- supervision and guidance during the kayaking and sight seeing in Marine Park
- Marine park entrance fees

Online 10am until 6pm Koh Samui time if you would like to chat