Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions we receive at The Dive Academy. If you still haven't got the answer to your question after reading our email thoroughly or taking a look at the Questions and Answers below please contact us:

Q. What will the weather be like when I am there?

Koh Samui is a small island which means it can be raining on one side and not on the other and weather can change very quickly. Unfortunately we are not weather experts and can only guide you as to what the weather is ‘typically’ like at certain times of the year. We are unable to be exact or guarantee you that there will be perfect weather on your chosen dive day!

Q. What if it is raining on the day of my dive/snorkel tour?

You will be getting wet anyway! Rain does not affect us diving or snorkelling and actually if it does rain, it is usually just a tropical shower that passes very quickly.

Q. Will the sea be calm?

We have to travel on the open ocean to get to our dive sites. How flat or bumpy the sea is, is driven by wind and unfortunately this is completely out of our control! Mother Nature decides how this will be and it can change from one day to the next. We do monitor the wind forecast on a daily basis and if we/our Captain feel that the sea will be too choppy and therefore unsafe to go out, then we cancel our tours.

Q. Will I get sea sick?

 Everyone is different. And every boat is different. Whilst you may not have gotten sick on a large ferry before, you may find a speedboat is different.

Q. How long will my dives last?

This depends on you! We don’t limit our dive times and allow you to dive as long as you and your buddy have air. So if you finish your air in 30 minutes, then unfortunately your dive will have to end.

Q. If I don’t want to do the 2nd dive/snorkel, do I get a discount?

Your booking is for the day which includes 2 dives or 2 snorkels. The cost is the same if you choose not to take up the 2nd dive/snorkel.

Q. Can I dive at Chumphon Pinnacle or Sail Rock?

Both dive sites, particularly Chumphon Pinnacle are deeper locations. Therefore, you should be honest with yourself about your capabilities & experience as well as your air consumption before requesting these locations. It may be more beneficial for you to visit an easier, shallower dive site where you will have a more relaxed and longer dive.  

Q. I can’t swim, what diving course can I do?

To become a certified diver, you must be able to swim and be competent in water where you cannot stand. To become a certified diver, you must be safe in the water and not pose a risk to yourself or others because of poor swimming ability. You will be required to complete a swimming and/or float test. Please see our Beginner Courses Page for details about what is required.

Q. If I do the practise dive and don’t like it, can I cancel my Discover Scuba Diving booking?

Once the booking for Discover Scuba Diving is made, we offer a free practice in our swimming pool before you go out on the boat. This is not mandatory and is just an extra service we offer. However, should you decide you no longer wish to proceed with your Discover Scuba experience after the practice session, then your deposit is non-refundable. You can of course book onto a snorkel tour instead which is then payable also – your deposit cannot be used against your booking for the snorkel tour.

Q. Can I cancel my booking on the morning of my tour and get a refund?

Unfortunately, not. Your booking has been made and your space on the boat secured. Any cancellation on the day of the tour, still requires payment to be made in full. Please see our cancellation page for more details.

Q. Will my Instructor be able to take photos and videos of me underwater?

If you are a certified diver, then our team will be more than happy to take photos of you or you can rent one of our underwater cameras for the day and take the photos yourself. If you are a beginner completing the Discover Scuba Diving program, it is against PADI standards for an Instructor to be taking photos of you whilst they are taking care of your safety underwater. Your safety is their priority and should not be compromised. We can however organize for another Instructor to take a few photos of you so you have a memory of your experience.

Q. What will the underwater visibility be like?

 The visibility changes throughout the year and can even change day to day and from dive site to dive site. Visibility is driven by many factors including waves, wind, tides and particles. Whilst certain times of the year are typically better than others, we do get unexpected inclement weather from time to time which can affect the visibility. Unfortunately we do not have any control over the visibility.

Q. If I answer YES to a medical question on the day of my tour or course, what will happen?

So you can check to see if there are any Medical issues before you confirm your booking, we send a copy of the medical questionnaire to all customers booking an experience or course via email and this is also available on the website. Should you answer YES to a question, we are unable to take you diving without medical clearance. This will therefore affect the schedule for your course/tour and where possible we will re-schedule, however the cost for the day will still be payable.

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