Personal Buddy

Old man diving!!The Dive Academy's Personal Buddy Service allows you to benefit from having one of our experienced PADI Professional's to buddy with you regardless of your experience or the location you have chosen to dive.

The Personal Buddy Service is a way to get the assurance, safety, enjoyment and experience you want from diving.

The service is ideal for:

  • inexperienced divers or those that haven't dived for a period of time and would like the added assurance of having a professional to accompany them on a 1:1 basis;
  • experienced divers who for whatever reason are diving alone and would prefer not to;
  • divers that for one reason or another find it physically difficult to dive and would benefit from having a personal buddy to give a helping hand;
  • a diver or divers that want to continue their education and would prefer to have their own personal instructor to accompany them wherever they may decide to dive;
  • divers that want the personal attention and pampering that a personal buddy would provide;
  • previous customers of The Dive Academy who enjoyed their time with us and would like to use our services again at the same or a different location.

Your personal Buddy

For diving from Samui, for only an extra 1,000 baht or approximately £20, you can have your own instructor on a 1:1 basis. This gives you that extra bit of personal attention and assurance whilst you are diving. We do offer this service for all levels of diving - not just certified divers. 

Outside of Samui, any destination would be considered, including Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and more or less any destination you choose.

All reasonable travel and accommodation expenses are to be paid along with a daily fee.

Please contact us, with no obligation, to find out more details.

Online 10am until 6pm Koh Samui time if you would like to chat